Who am I?

I'm an independent IT-Consultant.

What is specific about my consulting?

My consulting topics are specific to the geospatial problem domain:

         Establishing of security aspects and access control for OpenGIS Web Services based Spatial Data Infrastructure.

         Establishing of Single-Sign-On Authentication.

Upon proposing solutions for your specific problem, it is my intension to apply existing IT standards as much as possible. You can find a short introduction to a list of relevant standards on my "standards"- and "links"-page.

Which training courses resp. consulting do I offer?

        A (usually) one day roadshow to give a brief overview about the topics Access Control with GeoXACML and exchange of identity information using SAML. This shall give you input to decide if the standards meet your requirements.

        A one or two day workshop to go more into details on security, access control and exchange of identity information for protecting access to OpenGIS Web Services using GeoXACML and SAML. Examples will be presented for WMS and WFS.

        Strategic consulting on the topic of standardization within OGC.

Which other Services do I offer?

        Writing / review of project specific architecture and concept papers with concern to security and access control.

How can you get in touch with me?

Please see my "contact"-page.